Enar High Frequency Poker M7AFP

  • Poker head diameter (mm)65 mm
  • Poker head length (mm)395 mm
  • Vibrations (r.p.m.)12.000
  • Centrifugal force (N)7000
  • Performance (m3/h)40 (m3/h)
  • Length of the shaft (m)5 m
  • Cable length (m)10 m
  • Weight (kg)18 kg
  • Attachable to vibratorBOXEL, M-AFP
  • PackageCardboard box

The motor in head pokers from ENAR offer the following benefits:

 A safe voltage of 42v. -Thermally protected stator.

 Oversized motor.

 Oil lubrication for high performance and longevity.

 Poker tip and bottle made with hardened metal.

Designed and manufactured in Europe for quality and efficiency Manufactured using high quality materials guaranteed to provide high resistance and avoid loosening or air gaps Versatile A complete range of models, all with a 10m cable and 5m drive shaft which can be connected to any ENAR converter for 42v. (For more information look at the AFE, AFG-AFD and BOXEL products) The high frequency vibrators are the only option available the surpass that of a standard mechanical poker and provide a precise and stable 12,000rpm.

IP67 ~ Protection against rain and dust.

 CAir tight housing preventing dirt and rain from entering inside the motor or electronic board.

EFFECTIVE ~ Optimum results

 The most powerful and stable vibration available, surpassing that of mechanical vibrators.

ADAPTABLE ~ For every job type.

 Available in differing models, sizes and lengths to cover your every working need.

HIGH PERFORMANCE ~ Consistent results

 A product that is ideal for long working hours and tough jobs that generates 45 m3 /h.

 Connection: 42V/3~200Hz .

 Vibration frequency: 12,000vpm.

 Lengths: 10m cable and 5m drive shaft with other lengths available upon request.

 The 240Hz connection is also available upon request.

 Reinforced: optional rubber poker tip available.

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